What is a NACOSS alarm?

Answer A NACOSS alarm has been certified by the National Approval Council for Security Systems (NACOSS) in the United Kingdom. NACOSS and the Inspectorate of the Security Industry (ISI) merged in 2001 to ... Read More »

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Question about an Alarm system (BOSCH ICP-CC488): Basically every time the alarm is switched on or off it...?……

Why does my alarm clock go off when the "alarm" button is set to off?

Goodness gracious, it's you ! I had no idea. Now all I have t do is find out who I am. (If that sounds stupid, forgive me. I'm watching Dr. Who at the moment and that's the kind of thing he says al... Read More »

How can I get out of bed to my alarm?

You can try to set multiple alarms, that's what I do, also don't have a beeping alarm sound, Have a song that you enjoy singing along with to wake you, its way more pleasant than beeping noises and... Read More »

What is a still alarm?

A still alarm notifies the appropriate authorities of an emergency without sounding an audible alarm. Typically used in fire alarms, a still alarm can notify the fire department upon detecting a fi... Read More »