What is a Muslim hijab?

Answer Hijab is technically the broad Islamic principle of modesty as directed by the Quran. It more commonly refers to the modest clothes and headscarf worn by many Muslim women.Background from the Qur'a... Read More »

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How to Look Pretty and Cool Wearing a Muslim Hijab?

Modest doesn't have to be ugly or boring! Don't forget that the purpose of the Hijab is to protect your honour and beauty from unacceptable gazes. But, looking good is also part of Islam.

What percentage of muslim women wear the hijab?

According to a 2007 Pew Forum survey, 38 percent of American Muslim women wear the hijab at all times when out in public. Another 13 percent wear it most or some of the time.Source:Pew Forum: Musli... Read More »

Is it possible to be muslim and gay or it's a sin to be muslim and gay you can't be both things?

All the religions are same. they all dont allowed gay.if you are gay and go to church, they will give you dirty looks.but in islam. They are muslim guys who are gay....but when they go to mosq, the... Read More »

How to Put on a Hijab?

If you are a Muslim and you just started wearing the hijab, here are a couple of ways to wear it.