Is my montessori school a real montessori school?

Answer I’m glad that you asked. The name Montessori is not copyrighted and so some people open up a “Montessori School” without the right training, materials, schedule and so on. To begin with, a r... Read More »

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My daughter is entering 3rd grade.We are thinking of moving her from a public school to a Montessori School?

My son just started kindergarten at a montessori school and while I don't have much experience ~ just two weeks ~ I am so impressed. The first thing I noticed is that community feel among everyone... Read More »

Montessori activities for pre-school?

A very easy math activity to put together would be what Montessori called Cards and Counters. Here is the lesson:Numeral Cards and CountersPurposes:To develop the ability to sequence numerals 1-10T... Read More »

What exactly does a montessori school teach?

Since you asked in preschool, I assume you're asking about the Montessori 3-6 classroom. Although there are programs in Montessori for infant all the way up through high school, I'll answer with 3... Read More »

How to Start a Montessori School?

Starting a Montessori school will require careful planning for at least a year. For example, finding the location and qualified teachers will need consideration. In 1907, the Montessori education p... Read More »