What is a MoneyGram?

Answer A MoneyGram is a monetary transfer facilitated by MoneyGram International, its subsidiaries, or agents. Moneygrams originated from Travelers Express, later renamed MoneyGram, a financial services c... Read More »

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What information do I need to send money by MoneyGram?

To send a MoneyGram, you will need to know the specific amount you want to send, the country the recipient is in, and how he prefers to receive the funds. You also will need to contact the recipien... Read More »

How to Trace a MoneyGram?

MoneyGram is an international money transfer service that allows you, for a fee, to send money to individuals or businesses. When you send money and the transaction is in the company's system, you ... Read More »

How much is Moneygram?

Fees for Moneygrams depend on where the money originates, where it is being sent, the amount of money involved, whether you send the money online or in person, and whether you choose for the money ... Read More »

How much is it to send a MoneyGram?

Sending money through MoneyGram can be quick and relatively inexpensive; the cost depends on the amount sent and the country involved, as well as other options. For instance, to send $100 within th... Read More »