Difference Between Mimosa & Mimosa Silk?

Answer There are more than 300 species of mimosa belonging to the bean (leguminosae) family. A small species is the mimosa pudica, which should not be confused with the hardy mimosa, often known as the si... Read More »

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Adaptation of Mimosa?

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Genus Mimosa contains more than 450 plants and is part of the pea family. Individual species may be herbs, shrubs, trees or woody climbers. Mimosas are called ... Read More »

What is a mimosa plant?

The mimosa is a type of flowering plant that originated in tropical regions throughout South America and Asia, such as in Brazil and India. Scientists often refer to the plant as mimosa pudica, and... Read More »

How do I propagate mimosa pudica?

From SeedsSoak seeds in hot water for 12 hours to soften their outer covering. Remove the seeds from the water and select those that are most swollen for planting. Put the seeds in a pot full of hi... Read More »

Is Mimosa pudica toxic?

All sections of the Mimosa pudica plant are toxic and should not be consumed. Seeds of this plant are sold for botanical preservation only. Unique to this plant is its ability to close its leaves... Read More »