What is a Microsoft Access primary key?

Answer A Microsoft Access primary key is the column or collection of columns in a database table that uniquely identifies a given record in the same database table. The primary key provides an important w... Read More »

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What is a Microsoft access auto number primary key for Microsoft 2003?

The Microsoft Access "AutoNumber" data type is a special type of data field that automatically assigns a unique, incremental number to each new record added to a data table. It is often employed as... Read More »

How to Run a Microsoft Access 2000 Application in Microsoft Access 2007?

Microsoft Access is a database creation program that has been included in every version of Microsoft Office since the early 1990s. One helpful feature of all new versions of Microsoft Access is tha... Read More »

What is the difference between Microsoft Access& Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Office Suite supports many office needs including email, word processing, presentation, project management, spreadsheet and database management. In some instances, such as mailing lists, ... Read More »

What is a primary key in Access?

In Microsoft Access or any relational database, a primary key is one or more fields of a table that acts as an index because it has a unique value for each record. For example, in a record identify... Read More »