What is a Microsoft Access database?

Answer Microsoft Access is a relational database software program. Relational databases store related information in tables, which allows the user to build relationships between fields in the tables for u... Read More »

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What type of database is Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is a relational database. When defining the relationship within the tables of an Access database, there are four types: one to one; one to many; many to one; many to many. Each rel... Read More »

What are the benefits of the retational database in microsoft access?

Microsoft Access is a powerful program that stores information in relational databases, and it contains functions including queries and reports that allow the data to be presented in a user-friendl... Read More »

How do i access a microsoft database on a network?

Find and Select DatabaseGo to the Start menu. Click on "My Computer." Navigate to the drive where the database is located and double-click the database to open it.Microsoft AccessOpen Microsoft Acc... Read More »

Is Microsoft Access a relational database?

Yes, Microsoft (MS) Access is a relational database software program. A relational database consists of tables comprised of rows and columns. The user stores one piece of data in each cell or space... Read More »