What was mickey mouses name beafore it was mickey?

Answer Mickey's orginal name was Mortimer Mouse. Walt's wife thought it sounded to stuffy and suggested the name Mickey.

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How old is a mickey mouse windup alarm clock mickey has a tail?

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What life lessons does Huck learn in 'Huckleberry Finn'?

There are many, which can be adequately revealed only by reading and understanding the book. Huck is a boy troubled by some of the things he sees in society, a lot of the hypocrital nature of pre-w... Read More »

What are the lyrics to the theme song "Adventure Time With Finn And Jake"?

The lyrics are:Adventure time,C'mon, grab your friends,We'll go to very distant LandsWith Jake the Dog,And Finn the Human,The Adventures'll never end,It's Adventure Time!

Who was the creater huckleberry Finn and tom sawyer?