How old is a mickey mouse windup alarm clock mickey has a tail?

Answer hey. i live in Canada too. i live in bc is different where you live. and what kind of tv rogram you register for...but i go on to the family channel -51 Hope that's right for you!!it is ... Read More »

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Would any one that has seen Mickey Mouse in band uniform holding tuba that blows bubbles when squeezed please respond or do I have the only one that has one circa 1950's mickey mouse club era?

Hey, I have this too by the sounds of it! I can't find anything online about it. Have you found anything out yet?

What was mickey mouses name beafore it was mickey?

Mickey's orginal name was Mortimer Mouse. Walt's wife thought it sounded to stuffy and suggested the name Mickey.

Symbols in the book Huckleberry Finn?

Im trying to find symbols of Huck Finn too, and this is what ive got: the river-freedom, grangerford house-the expenxe of the southern aristrocracy and how it relates to slavery, Emmeline Grangerfo... Read More »

Who was the creater huckleberry Finn and tom sawyer?