What is a Medicare P10 number?

Answer The Medicare P10 number is a very important number for Medicare recipients. You may be surprised to learn the truth behind why it is called a P10 number. In any case, if you are a Medicare provider... Read More »

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What does D7 on the end of a Medicare number mean?

The letters that appear at the end of the Medicare number are called claim numbers. These are used to help identify the Medicare recipient. D refers to a widow or widower. The number 7, when paired... Read More »

What does the TA mean on the Medicare ID number?

Medicare assigns a unique identification number to each person who receives Medicare benefits. Immediately after your identification number, you will likely notice a letter code. The letter code "T... Read More »

What do the letters at the end of my Medicare number mean?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) assigns a claim number to all beneficiaries, for both cash and Medicare benefit purposes. The letter at the end is called the "Beneficiary Identification Co... Read More »

What does the letter mean after the Medicare number?

According to Social Security Online, the letter following a Social Security or Medicare number helps identify the person who is applying for benefits. Some examples of how the letters help identify... Read More »