What is a Mastercard security code?

Answer A security code protects consumers from online fraud. Mastercard's security code is a group of three numbers that are located on the back of the card, in the upper right side of the signature bar. ... Read More »

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Is there a default security code for iphone 3g i forgot my code?

If you have itunes you just connect to itunes and restore the i phone . after that in the phone all settings will be restored

Where is the security code on a DSL box?

The security code on a DSL box or modem is located on the bottom of the device. Although brands will differ, the security code is a string of numbers below the bar code.Source:Olympus: Configuring ... Read More »

How do you set a security code on my iPhone?

You will need to go to settinggs from your home screen, then select general, then select what lock you wish to enable. You will need the default code if this is your first time setting it or you wi... Read More »

What is a security code on Visa?

The security code on a VISA card is a three-digit code used as an additional fraud prevention measure to protect card owners, merchants and card issuers. The security code, sometimes referred to as... Read More »