What is a MasterCard number?

Answer A MasterCard number is the number on an individual's MasterCard credit card. It is usually four sets of four numbers. All MasterCard numbers are embossed and start with the numeral "5."Source:Maste... Read More »

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What is mastercard?

While your credit card may have a MasterCard logo, the company does not actually lend any money. MasterCard acts more like a conduit that allows transactions to happen.MisconceptionsMastercard, alo... Read More »

What is a secured MasterCard?

A secured MasterCard is a credit card for individuals with no credit or poor credit. A secure MasterCard applicant would submit a deposit to be held in a secured savings account by Mastercard for t... Read More »

What is a debit MasterCard?

A debit MasterCard is a type of credit card that can also be used as a debit card. It is accepted anyway that MasterCard is accepted. According to Commonwealth Bank, you can also make purchases onl... Read More »

What are MasterCard& Visa?

MasterCard and Visa are global corporations specializing in electronic payment transactions. Both companies provide merchants and consumers the ability to make purchases anywhere in the world witho... Read More »