What is a Masonic funeral service?

Answer A Masonic funeral service allows Freemasons to remember their deceased members in a solemn ceremony based on Masonic rituals and beliefs. Masons have a duty to attend such services, and non-Masons ... Read More »

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What happens at a jewish funeral service?

In Judaism, the act of burying the dead in a respectful way is considered one of the most loving traditions, because the deceased can never repay the favor; funerals are completely selfless good de... Read More »

What happens at a christian funeral service?

The death of a loved one often leaves us feeling bewildered, so it's best to know their wishes beforehand. If not, many Christians write funeral details in their Bible. Once you know their desires,... Read More »

How to Officiate at a Nondenominational Funeral Service?

It is not always necessary to have an ordained minister officiate at a funeral. In the event that you are asked to officiate at a funeral or a memorial service, here is a simple way to help family ... Read More »

Is it acceptable to breastfeed during a funeral service?

I disagree with everybody here. She should not be ashamed to breastfeed in public, nor with her close friends and family. Breastfeeding is not taboo but for some reason society doesn't seem to real... Read More »