What is a Manchester Terrier?

Answer If you are looking for a smaller dog that would serve as a good companion and loyal watchdog that is not prone to barking and does well in most environments, consider a Manchester Terrier.OriginsTh... Read More »

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Are a Min Pin and a Manchester terrier the same thing?

No, a Min Pin and a Manchester terrier are not the same breed or variety of dog. A min pin is a shortened name for the miniature pincscher breed, which the American Kennel Club recognized as a memb... Read More »

What is the difference between a Manchester Terrier& Miniature Pinscher?

People find it difficult to tell the difference between Toy Manchester Terriers and Miniature Pinschers. The dogs are very similar in size and appearance, but they are entirely different breeds.His... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Wheaten Scottish Terrier & a West Highland White Terrier?

The Scottish terrier is described as wheaten when it is pale and reddish in coat color. This coloration makes the small terrier look similar to the West Highland terrier. This similarity is superfi... Read More »

What is a teacup terrier?

A teacup terrier is an extra small Yorkshire terrier, which are commonly called Yorkies. They are not recognized as their own breed by the American Kennel Club. Their tiny size makes them an ideal ... Read More »