What is a Leatherback Sea Turtle?

Answer The Leatherback Sea Turtle (Dermochelys Coriacea) is the fourth-largest reptile and largest of the turtles, growing up to eight feet long and weighing up to 2,000 pounds. Leatherbacks can live for ... Read More »

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What is the habitat of the leatherback turtle?

Leatherback turtles have a wide geographic range and a variety of habitats. They are critically endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources Red List, and ... Read More »

In what food chain is the leatherback sea turtle?

According to, leatherback sea turtles are members of the marine life ecosystem. They help maintain a balance by feeding on marine vegetation such as algae and sea grasses. The... Read More »

Is Australia's leatherback sea turtle endangered?

The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources lists the leatherback sea turtle as critically endangered across its habitat. The biggest threats to the leatherback turtle ... Read More »

Does a leatherback sea turtle live in a group?

Although leatherback sea turtles are not territorial, they spend most of their lives alone and do not usually live in groups. However, leatherback sea turtles will occasionally group together at a ... Read More »