What is a Kodak Retina camera worth?

Answer The Marriott Catalog sells the antique Kodak Retina cameras for 100 euros or roughly $132.96 (as of April 2010). The Retina series was released in 1934, according to Photo Ethnography, and the earl... Read More »

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What is a Kodak brownie hawkeye camera flash model worth?

How is the kodak easyshare z885 is it worth buying or what is another camera that I should consider?

How much is a 1934 Kodak movie camera worth?

I just sold one to an antique dealer for $8 and she put a price tag of $25 on it. They aren't very rare or valuable. She had a few other ones in the shop from 1934. If you have one I would suggest ... Read More »

Is the MacBook Pro Retina worth the $2199?

Heck yeah! I was in that same spot you are when I bought mine, but I do not regret it up to this day. If you are not sure you can always to to the Apple Store and use one of the display ones. But y... Read More »