What is a Kodak Retina camera worth?

Answer The Marriott Catalog sells the antique Kodak Retina cameras for 100 euros or roughly $132.96 (as of April 2010). The Retina series was released in 1934, according to Photo Ethnography, and the earl... Read More »

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How much is a 1934 Kodak movie camera worth?

I just sold one to an antique dealer for $8 and she put a price tag of $25 on it. They aren't very rare or valuable. She had a few other ones in the shop from 1934. If you have one I would suggest ... Read More »

How is the kodak easyshare z885 is it worth buying or what is another camera that I should consider?

What is a Kodak brownie hawkeye camera flash model worth?

I need a new Macbook Retina, is it worth getting the 2.7?

The new Retina display reduces glare while maintaining incredible color and quality. In fact, it has a 29 percent higher contrast ratio than a standard MacBook Pro display. Blacks are blacker. Whit... Read More »