What is a House Arrest in California?

Answer If you have committed a crime in California, you may qualify to serve your sentence from the comfort of your home, allowing you to avoid spending time in a jail cell.

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What is the law about house arrest?

House arrest is a form of detention applied to common criminal cases. Authorities confine the offender to his or her residence, either restrict or forbid travel, and monitor the movements of the of... Read More »

What does a house arrest mean?

House arrest is a type of criminal sentence in which an offender is confined to her home rather than to a prison. In some cases, the offender is permitted to work, while in others she must remain a... Read More »

What does a person have to do to be on house arrest?

Commit a crime. House arrest is determined on an individual basis for sentencing. Many things are taken into account. Some people that commit the same crime might be put in jail, while others might... Read More »

How to Seal an Arrest Record in California?

If you've been arrested in California but never convicted, you may be able to have the record of your arrest sealed and destroyed once two years have passed. Section 851.8 of the California Penal C... Read More »