Can you take the topper off a truck and carry it with a load that would otherwise not fit with the topper on?

Answer Yes, you can.

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What is the best memory foam mattress topper?

On One Hand: Pressure-point ReliefConsumer Search lists memory foam mattress toppers as the most popular of all varieties of toppers, mainly because they offer a high level of comfort and support f... Read More »

A large heavy truck and a small baby carriage roll down a hill Neglecting friction at the bottom of the hill the baby carriage will have a greater?

What materials will I need to make photo/picture image edible cake topper?

I agree that was very uncalled for. If you have neg opinions please keep them to yourself....If you can't stand people asking questions, then dear, your in the wrong place! This place is not meant ... Read More »

How do i use a feather bed topper?

Fluff the Feather Bed TopperPlace the feather bed topper in the dryer with a clean pair of sneakers or five tennis balls. Turn the dryer on the lowest setting and tumble for 15 minutes to fluff the... Read More »