Hawaiian Nene Goose Diet?

Answer The nene goose, which is the state bird of Hawaii, has a diet filled with natural foods. The birds are also related to the Canada goose and as of 2010 are in danger of becoming extinct if their hab... Read More »

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What is a castrated goose called?

A castrated goose is known as a capon. The definition of a capon is a young castrated, domesticated fowl; the term applies to any appropriate species. There is no separate word for a non-domesticat... Read More »

What is a stick hair ornament called in Hawaiian?

The literal Hawaiian translation of a stick hair ornament is "ka la'au lauoho," meaning a wood hair stick. Ka la'au lauoho are crafted in various wood types and ornamental styles.

Are snow goose decoys helpful when hunting a goose in Canada?

Goose hunting is very popular with hunters and sportsman, especially in Canada. Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta are famous for their abundance of Canada goose hunting opportunities. Realistic go... Read More »

What is a goose down comforter?

A goose down comforter is a thick blanket stuffed with the soft down collected from geese. Because of its fluffy nature, goose down is ideal for comforters that are very warm and relatively light f... Read More »