How to Trick Friends with the 5000 Number Adding Trick?

Answer Trick your friends with some clever adding up–or not so clever as you'll be hoping to trip them up!

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How to Do a Mind Trick Magic Trick?

This magic trick is fun (as in it is more of a joke than a trick) but it's not great if it doesn't work. Practice it well on helpful friends before performing it live.

What is an ice hockey goalie?

In ice hockey, the goalies are heavily padded players whose main job is to protect their team’s goal. This is done by stopping the opposing team’s puck from getting through into their team’s ... Read More »

What is a No-fly zone in hockey?

What does CCM stand for in hockey?

CCM is short for Canada Cycle and Motor Company, a hockey equipment manufacturer. CCM was founded in 1899 in Ontario, Canada. CCM started as a bicycle manufacturer and gradually shifted its focus t... Read More »