What is a Harvey Wallbanger?

Answer A Harvey Wallbanger is an alcoholic beverage that is similar to a screwdriver, but has a splash of Galliano, a vanilla-flavored liqueur.OriginsThe Harvey Wallbanger was created in the 1950s by awar... Read More »

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How to Make a Harvey Wallbanger?

According to legend, the Harvey Wallbanger was named after a Californian surfer called Harvey who drank so many Screwdriver drinks topped with Galliano that he bounced and banged around as he tried... Read More »

Was Steve Harvey Harvey's father a preacher?

Steve Harvey's father was Jesse Harvey, who was a coal miner.

How to Make a Coffee Wallbanger?

This is a coffee based cocktail that has a delicious taste.

Can a Harvy Wallbanger made with bottled orange make you ill?

Her comment makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, unless the bottled OJ was out of date or compromised in some way (rusty can, opened and sitting in the fridge or cooler, etc). That is a really str... Read More »