What is a Harlequin romance?

Answer Harlequin romances---those little paperback books found in the book section of grocery stores---mostly feature covers with beautiful men and women in sensual poses. The romance novel accounts for 3... Read More »

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What is a harlequin?

The word "harlequin" was originally applied to clown characters in Italian commedia dell'arte. It has since been used to describe or name dozens of people, animals, colors and patterns. Perhaps one... Read More »

What is harlequin disease?

Harlequin ichthyosis is a rare genetic disorder that causes severe skin effects in sufferers. It is caused by a mutation in the ABCA12 gene, which helps make protein that transports fats in the ski... Read More »

What is a Chihuahua harlequin?

The Chihuahua is a small, alert breed with a terrier-like personality. A Chihuahua can be either short- or long-coated and generally does not exceed 6 lbs. in weight. The breed originated in the Me... Read More »

Can you die from Harlequin Ichthyosis disease?

Yes, you certainly can. And unfortunately mortality rates are extremely high for this genetic disease. Some of the most common causes of death are dehydration and infection (the skin is cracked and... Read More »