What is a HMO insurance policy?

Answer A health maintenance organization (HMO) insurance policy is a policy that is often less expensive and usually restricts you to a specific team of health care professionals that accepts this type of... Read More »

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Can a homeowner purchase an insurance policy to protect an above ground swimming pool from winter damage or can a rider be attached to their current homeowner's insurance policy?

Answer Depending on the insurance company, you may be able to acquire "Collapse of Above-Ground Pool" endorsement. Which covers exactly what it says, the collapse of the above ground poolCheck wit... Read More »

I have an indiviual policy with an insurance company I can purchase a group policy through my employer Its with the same insurance company Can I use both policies?

Answer Two different policies (different policy ID numbers) should mean you should not have to pay anything out of pocket. The primary will pick up 80% (in most cases), and the secondary should pic... Read More »

If you are on someones car insurance policy will you have to be taken off of that person's policy before trying to get car insurance of you own?

Can a person cancel an auto insurance policy at any time from the date the policy is effective?