What is a Graviola Tree?

Answer Of the 60 or more species of the genus Annona, the graviola tree produces the largest fruit. Indigenous people of the Amazon Basin value the graviola tree for its healing properties as well. Also c... Read More »

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Graviola for Dog Bone Cancer?

For many people, their dogs are not just an animal but a part of their families. For these people, a diagnosis of bone cancer is no less heart-wrenching when found in their beloved pets as when fou... Read More »

Anyone had a blight on their fruit tree s etc this year, half of our apple tree appears to have died off..?

I saw a lot of Chestnuts with Bleeding Canker when I was in Suffolk, but Apples seem fine here in bonny Scotland. My only problem was birds that nipped the flowers off one of the trees. It could be... Read More »

How and when do you prune a prunus padus tree commonly known as a bird cherry tree.?

My tree in my front yard is dropping more seeds than usual, does this mean my tree is dying?

Some trees are cyclical, where every few years they'll produce a massive amount of seeds, then regular amounts the other years. The baby trees are more likely to have some survive with this strateg... Read More »