What would look good with this quote Tattoo?

Answer You could have a small cluster of birds that are black and bunched together then have one bird that is more colorful flying in a different direction. Or, a cluster of dark flowers and then one flow... Read More »

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What was the quote used on ESPN radio about teachers from john wooden yestereday?

Bristol, Connecticut. It has been there since 1979 so it isn't exactly new.

What are some good quote tattoos or ones that you have seen before?

never give upi am what i amtiming is everythingnever looking backembrace every momentforever is composed of nowsone life, one chancei love quote tattoos :D

How do you feel about this quote?

Yes - I believe it's very accurate.I love that quote.Far too many believing what they see on TV - or hear through the grapevine - without actually researching into it themselves - and finding out t... Read More »

What's your favourite quote about a movie?

Yeah that makes sense :) Love the Spielberg quote!! Absolutely fantastic and I learnt something! Now I know that Stanley did have a soft side, in the form of Teddy :) great quote, great movie!I can... Read More »