Chain letter on facebook?

Answer Thanks for putting this question on here, I didn't get it either - but I didn't want to ask anyone because sometimes things are really obvious but I had no idea what was wrong, I don't feel so sill... Read More »

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How to Make a Chain Letter?

Chain letters used to be letters people received in the post and they would have to copy it down ten times then send it to their friends. Now it's an even bigger craze and they fill up many teen's ... Read More »

How to Start a Chain Letter?

Chain letters are messages written to a person, that attempts to get the person to copy the message and send it to a specified number of people, word for word. Chain letters often include stories, ... Read More »

How to Not Get Creeped out by a Chain Letter?

You come home from school, or work. You take off your shoes, turn on the television, and check your email. You look around and see a weird email. You read it, and you realize it's a piece of chain ... Read More »

How to Overcome a Chain Letter Obsession?

This is how you avoid a chain letter, and actually do what it says, without actually causing the chain to continue, and avoid all that bad joojoo.