What is the dogs name in fraggle rock?

Answer Sprocket and the owners name is Doc

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What was the dogs name in fraggle rock?

The_dog_was_called_Sprocket_:-)">The dog was called Sprocket :-)=== Yea, dogs rules like hell!!!!! I like dogs....... ===--true that sprocket is funny,cute,and amazing I heart dogs too!

What are the names of the characters in fraggle rock?

The characters are Gobo (the explorer), Red( the swimmer and independent one), Wembley( the undecisive crazy one), Mokey (the artistic painter and poet), And boober(the boring, safe, chef/ laundrer... Read More »

Where did Mokey's pet Lanford in Fraggle Rock get his name and what did he eat?

What is the name of the anti-vanishing cream used by the gorgs in Fraggle Rock?

Doesn't belong. Children are watching the cartoons and this exposes them to things that they do not need to be exposed to.