What is a FireWire 1394?

Answer FireWire 1394, also known as IEEE 1394, was designed to be a universal cable. It's a high speed and inexpensive way to connect a variety of electronic devices.HistoryDeveloped by Apple in the mid-... Read More »

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What Is FireWire 1394?

Common in professional and consumer video and audio setups, FireWire (also referred to as "IEEE 1394" and "i.LINK") is a high-speed digital interface technology used to connect devices like video c... Read More »

How do I convert Hi8 to 1394 FireWire?

An Old Hi8 Video Camera May be Your Cheapest OptionFind an old Hi8 video camera with a FireWire output. They come in two possible shapes. It's best if you can find one locally so you can evaluate ... Read More »

Does a firewire/1394 cable send audio?

An IEEE 1394 cable, also referred to as Firewire, is designed to transfer high quantities of data very quickly. It can carry digital audio and, in fact, one of its most popular uses has been to co... Read More »

Does Directv have 1394 Firewire capability If so are they required to provide it?

Yes, they are required to provide it. See the FCC regulation 47CFR76.640: (4) Cable operators shall: (i) Effective April 1, 2004, upon request of a customer, replace any leased high definition... Read More »