What is a Faberge egg?

Answer A Faberge egg is a highly decorated item that may be made from gold, porcelain, gemstones, enameling and other precious objects. Some Faberge eggs open up to reveal hidden treasures while others di... Read More »

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How much does a Faberge egg cost?

In 2004 the Forbes family sold their collection of Faberge eggs for $90 million. The collection contained the famous Fabrege egg which was first owned by Czar Nicholas of Russia. This single egg ha... Read More »

Who is Carl Faberge?

Peter Carl Faberge was a jeweler born in Russia in 1846. His most famous creation was the Faberge Egg, which resembled an Easter egg adorned with gemstones and precious metals.References:Biographyb... Read More »

How to Build Your Own Faberge Eggs?

Peter Carl Fabergé created his famous Easter eggs for Russian Czars Alexander III and Nicholas II between 1885 and 1917. The eggs, also made for other wealthy clients, were created with exteriors ... Read More »

Who was Peter Carl Faberge?

Peter Carl Faberge was born in 1846. He was a Russian jeweler and founder of the House of Faberge in St. Petersburg, Russia. At the request of Czar Alexander II and Czar Nicholas II, he created the... Read More »