What is a External Hard Drive good for?

Answer You can download and store your data and install files for your games but most games need to be installed to the drive with the OS.

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What is an external hard drive good for?

An external hard drive is a standard computer hard drive housed in a special case that connects to a laptop or desktop via a USB cable. Though a computer already has a hard drive in it, an external... Read More »

What is the best external hard drive that I can get for around £50, will it affect my current hard drive?

hi richard external hard drives have dropped in price in the last few years and theres a massive choice of drives however my recommendations are the Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 250GB USB... Read More »

Can you recommend a good external hard drive?

400GB Western Digital - £59.99 from Maplin + free delivery.…

What's a good external hard drive?

I like the WD Passports. I've a 500Gb and 1Tb one -…If you want to get one for Christmas, shop around. Prices on drives vary enormously at the moment. 80%... Read More »