What is a DJ mixer transformer?

Answer Since the term "DJ mixer transformer" combines two technologies, it could mean two different things. DJ mixers could have both power transformers and audio transformers, depending on which part of ... Read More »

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Can a 50 VA transformer replace a 40 VA transformer in a heat pump?

A 50 VA (volt-ampere) transformer can replace a 40 VA transformer in a heat pump. The new transformer can yield a maximum of 50 VA; however, it will only supply the power the heat pump demands. In ... Read More »

Do you really need a mixer/mixer console?

No, you'll need a DAW. If you read the description, he uses FL Studio, though you could also download Ableton, Cubase, Reason, Logic etc"howtomakeemusic" has some good tutorials for FL Studio.

What is an isolating transformer?

An isolating transformer is a type of transformer that provides an indirect connection between electrical circuits or devices and their power sources. Often used in power supplies, isolating transf... Read More »

What is the structure of a transformer?

Transformers are used in power distribution systems and many electronic devices. Transformers have two functions: they can step up or step down voltage and they can connect two circuits which opera... Read More »