What is a Convex Mirror Used For?

Answer While most mirrors are flat, any spherical reflective surface with a bulging side that faces out---toward an image or light source---is called a convex mirror.How it WorksBeing curved outward, conv... Read More »

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What kind of mirror is used in a make-up mirror: convex or concave?

Make-up mirrors are concave. Concave mirrors are curved inwards and make the person's image larger as she approaches the mirror. Concave mirrors are also used as shaving mirrors and for car headlig... Read More »

How to Place a Convex Mirror on a Side View Mirror?

Convex mirrors are used by professional drivers to increase driving safety and avoid collisions. Truck drivers use them and most police car have them. The biggest advantage to having a convex or wi... Read More »

Is a spoon an example of a convex mirror?

Spoons are an example of a convex mirror if you turn it upside and towards your face, according to Science at School. The convex mirror on a spoon flips the image of your face and makes it appear m... Read More »

What is the definition of a convex mirror?

A convex mirror performs the same reflective use as a regular flat mirror, except the convex mirror is a spherical reflecting surface. It bows outward, like the exterior of a ball, as opposed to a ... Read More »