What is a Chinese staple?

Answer Rice has been China's staple crop for millennia and is eaten at every meal.The Chinese word for "meal" is "fan," which also means "rice," so it's easy to see how vital rice is. Noodles and tea are ... Read More »

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What is you favorite chinese meal from a chinese resturant?

1) Glazed Walnut Shrimp2) Shark's Fin Soup3) Bird's Nest Soup4) Chicken Chow Fun5) Peking Duck6) Steamed Fish with Scallions, Ginger, & Soy Sauce7) Chinese Broccoli with Hoisin Sauce8) Ma Po Tofu

What is a staple yarn?

Staple yarn, or spun yarn, is yarn created from staple fibers. Staple fibers are short fibers, such as wool, flax, and cotton. Staple yarns usually appear less lustrous and smooth than continuous f... Read More »

What are staple crops?

Staple crops are those foods that are the most common in people's diets. Often, staple foods fit within two categories: starches (grains and root crops, such as potatoes) or pulses (dried legume be... Read More »

What is a staple industry?

A staple industry is composed of companies that sell products that are considered non-discretionary for consumers. Industries that are considered to be staples include the food industry, beverages... Read More »