What is the difference between a county tax auction&a bank auction for real estate?

Answer A county tax auction and bank auction are two nontraditional ways to buy a home. Both involve auctions, but one is directed by a bank and the other by county tax authorities.County Tax AuctionA cou... Read More »

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What is an art auction?

An art auction is an event where bidders make progressively higher offers on works of art. Art auctions range from small, local affairs with low prices to internationally famous auction houses that... Read More »

What is a tax deed auction?

A tax deed auction is the forced sale of real estate at a public auction. When a property owner fails to pay property taxes or other government fees and fines, a government entity can confiscate hi... Read More »

What is an auction processor?

Auctions are a popular way to sell items ranging from common household items to rare art treasures. Large auction houses hire a variety of assistants and workers, including auction processors, to f... Read More »