What is a Celeron processor?

Answer Celeron is the name Intel gave to a series of budget microprocessors it introduced in 1998. Not all users need a lot of processing power; Intel targeted these users when it created the Celeron.Disa... Read More »

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What is an Intel Celeron Processor 2.4?

An Intel Celeron Processor is a small device that performs calculations inside a computer. The processor is often refered to as the heart of the computer. The number "2.4" refers to the processor's... Read More »

What is an Intel Celeron processor?

An Intel Celeron processor is a brand of computer processor made by Intel. This processor was next in line to the 400-MHz Pentium II processor. The Celeron processor was introduced to capture cus... Read More »

What is the size of a data bus on a Celeron processor?

As of 2010, current Celeron processors such as the Intel Celeron 440 have 64-bit data buses. Intel has produced processors under the Celeron trademark for many years. Early examples, such as the or... Read More »

Atom Processor Vs. Celeron Processor?

As an innovator of integrated circuit technology, Intel created some of the first microprocessors. The company still produces several lines of processors, including the Atom and Celeron.