What is a Car Relay Switch?

Answer There are many electrical currents flowing throughout your car, and many of them must be regulated so they electrical parts will not malfunction. The parts that regulate the current are called rel... Read More »

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What Is a Wiper Relay Switch?

Safety and control of your car or truck depend on your windshield wiper systems. They run at various speeds, with an option to spray water with a cleaning solution for bugs and mud.

What is the purpose of the electronic relay switch?

Switches are used in circuits to interrupt or to manipulate current flow. An electronic relay is a switch that is electrically controlled. It is actuated by an electromagnet, which is a magnet that... Read More »

What Is a Fuel Pump Relay Switch?

Though some custom systems have been built without using them, almost all cars utilize some sort of fuel pump relay switch. These simple devices are responsible for turning on the fuel pump, so a ... Read More »

What Causes a Control Relay Switch to Stick?

The control relay switch is an electronic component that controls the power supply to multiple switches inside your car. When a control relay switch sticks -- in either the open or closed position ... Read More »