What is a Camber Kit for?

Answer Suspension tuning and modification have all but taken over as the dominant form of auto customization today. Camber kits are ancillary devices designed to help correct some of the suspension geomet... Read More »

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What Is a Camber Kit?

A camber kit is a type of shock absorber used on cars that have been modified. The kit is useful to straighten out the wheels that become arched inward or outward when the body of the car is altere... Read More »

What Is a Caster, Camber & Toe In?

Camber, caster and toe in concern the angle or inclination of an automobile wheel as it relates to its position on the ground, while attached to the alignment suspension parts. The three axes have ... Read More »

What Is a Camber Alignment?

Properly aligned wheels are an important part of vehicle maintenance. When wheels are out of alignment it can cause both premature wearing of the tires as well as issues with the steering. In sever... Read More »

What Is a Rear Camber Kit?

A rear camber kit is a body modification kit for the rear end of your car, and keeps your rear tires from failing completely.