What is a CPVC pipe?

Answer CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) is a material used in the construction of piping for water distribution systems. There are several advantages and disadvantages with CPVC piping.ApplicationsCP... Read More »

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How to Connect CPVC Pipe to 3-Inch Copper Pipe?

Making a connection between or transition from 3-inch copper to CPVC requires the use of adapters to ensure a leak-proof connection. The adapters needed will be a 3-inch slip-to-male-threaded CPVC ... Read More »

Can CPVC cement be used on PVC pipe?

CPVC cement or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride cement is designed to work best with PCVC pipe, and PVC pipe cement is best for PVC pipe. That being said, CPVC can be used on PVC pipe, although it i... Read More »

Can you use heat tape on a CPVC pipe?

Heat tape with an automatic thermostat control can be used on CPVC and other plastic vinyl pipes. Do not use older heat tape systems lacking thermostat controls on any plastic pipes, as these mode... Read More »

Can you use cpvc glue on PVC pipe for drains only?