Where can I get a bonsai spider plant and a bonsai Boston fern?

Answer Well,I found a photo on line of a Spider Plant that has been bonsai-ed,but really it is very uncommon to use Bonsai techniques on spiderplants,succulents,palms,or ferns....Also you may not be aware... Read More »

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What is a bonsai tree?

For more details and information, please see related link below.Answera Bonsai tree is one where you train it with wires to have twisted branches and trunks and are kept in a "miniature" state. The... Read More »

What is wrong with my bonsai?

Can be the bottled water. You need distilled water.It should not be soggy.

What is the definition of a bonsai tree?

Bonsai is the art of growing dwarfed, ornamental trees or shrubs in small, shallow pots. The phrase also refers to the plant itself.HistoryThe modern art of bonsai originated in China over two thou... Read More »

What has grown in my bonsai tree's soil?