What is a blue ray drive?

Answer NO!

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Will you be able to watch blue-ray DVD on your PC with regular DVD drive if you install blue-ray playing software?

What is a blue-ray drive?

The Blu-ray Disc Association developed Blu-ray technology, a format for recording and accessing data in a disc format. With a Blu-ray drive, users can record, rewrite and access data on a PC or Mac... Read More »

What is a Blue- Ray Drive?

to watch 3d you have to have a 3d source such as a 3d hd channel from an hd tuner, or of course the 3d blu-ray. You can't just plug in a composite connector and get 3d. You have to have higher qual... Read More »

How much does a blue ray drive cost?

No the PS3 games are on Blu-ray disc and if it did not have a blu-ray player it could not play the games except as downloads from the PlayStation network. In any case it is not sold without the Blu... Read More »