What is a Blu Ray Burner Blu Ray Writer?

Answer Possibly a poor connection.

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What is the difference between blu ray burner and Blu ray writer?

Why CD Writer or DVD Burner not burning anymore, after HD Installation ?

from what your saying sounds ok, you may just have to go into bois and set you cd or floppy in order of bootup drives,primary slave etc. Which drive if you had to reinstall windows would you boot o... Read More »

Do you need a CD burner to burn CD's What is a CD burner?

You indeed need a CD burner to burn CDs. However, many modern computers, usually from two or three years ago, have an integrated CD burner, which is the normal CD drive but with the capability not ... Read More »

How to convert ordinary CD to rewritable CD Please guide me. I have cdrom, cd writer, dvd writer with me.?

learn some black magic an d then teach me