What is a Blackberry pin used for?

Answer Blackberry phones are made by Rim (Research In Motion) and are also called smartphones because of their many capabilities. They allow people to do many tasks on their phone, such as send and receiv... Read More »

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What type of files are used for a BlackBerry Curve ringtone?

All the devices in the BlackBerry Curve 8300 and 8500 series use two types of files for ringtones: polyphonic/MIDI files (file extension .midi) and MP3 files (extension .mp3). The newest model Curv... Read More »

Can the BlackBerry be used as a GPS?

According to Research-In-Motion's BlackBerry website for North America, the following BlackBerry devices and all of their descendants have built-in GPS modules: The Bold, Curve 8310, Pearl 3G, Stor... Read More »

Can a BlackBerry be used as an iPod?

Most BlackBerry phones can play music and videos that are loaded via memory cards. However, you can't load media using Apple's iTunes software, so a BlackBerry can't be used as an iPod.Source:Black... Read More »

Can a BlackBerry be used as a modem?

Using a smartphone such as a BlackBerry as a modem is a process known as tethering. This allows you to either plug the BlackBerry into your computer via USB cable or connect wirelessly and use the ... Read More »