What is a Bi-CROS hearing aid used for?

Answer Bi-CROS hearing aids are for people who have some difficulty hearing in one ear and are deaf in the other ear. CROS stands for "Contralateral Routing of Sound," according to Read More »

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Can a phone recording be used as evidence in a Nevada criminal hearing?

Chapter 200, Sections 200.620 through 200.650 of the Nevada Revised Statutes prohibits illegal wiretapping of telephone conversations on grounds that it would constitute an illegal search and seizu... Read More »

Is there any place that buys used hearing aids?

The FDA labels hearing aids as a medical device, prescribed to an individual. Many of them also require a special fit. Using the wrong hearing aid also has the potential to further damage hearing. ... Read More »

If I have good/excellent hearing and I then wear hearing aids.....?

The frequencies amplified to make speech easier to hear, mostly between 1 and 3Khz, are quite high, and one downside of wearing aids is that high-pitched noises. like cutlery and crockery banging t... Read More »

Can you improve your hearing after hearing loss?

Depends on the cause of hearing loss. If the loss is conductive - ie. caused by a problem with the ear canal, ear drum, bones behind the ear or middle ear cavity, there is a good chance that it cou... Read More »