What is a Baptist pastor's job description?

Answer A Baptist pastor does many things during the course of his work. Primarily, a Baptist pastor is in charge of which direction a church congregation takes in terms of spiritual growth, understanding ... Read More »

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Tax Deductions for Pastors?

A member of the clergy may be considered an employee of the congregation if the pastor is paid a salary by the church organization, according to WorldWideWeb Tax. In certain circumstances, a pastor... Read More »

Can pastors have relationships?

On One Hand: The Bible Says Pastors Can MarryIn I Timothy chapter 3, the Bible describes the overseer, or pastor, as "the husband of but one wife." This means that it is acceptable for a single pas... Read More »

Qualifications for Pastors?

People have been practicing in the pastoral field of work for hundreds of years, although many people don't realize what it really takes to be a pastor. Pastors have an interesting and at times, di... Read More »

Different Kinds of Pastors?

While some churches have only one pastor, many churches have different kinds of pastors to serve the congregation. A few congregations use bivocational or unpaid pastors, usually because of church ... Read More »