What is a Bachelor's of Science in psychology?

Answer A Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) is awarded by colleges or universities to students who fulfill the requirements; most programs require students to complete 120 to 133 credit hours. Psychology s... Read More »

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What Jobs Can I Get With a Bachelors of Science in Business Management & Administration?

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Science Fair Psychology Experiments?

If you want to step outside the typical arenas of science fair exploration - chemistry, physics, biology, geology, and astronomy - try conducting an experiment based around the human mind and human... Read More »

Social Science & Psychology Degrees?

A social science degree encompasses a wide variety of disciplines, one of which is psychology. Psychology itself is a broad category containing many further specializations. Students considering a ... Read More »

Psychology-related Topics for Science Fairs?

By measuring a person's behavior or memory in a psychology project, you are likely to come up with some fascinating results for your science fair entry. You could measure if gender has any influenc... Read More »