What is a Bachelor of Fine Arts?

Answer The type of degree you earn in college depends on the length of your course of study as well as the subject you study. Those who study for what is typically a period of four years, or eight semeste... Read More »

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What is a bachelor of fine arts degree?

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, commonly referred to as BFA, focuses on "intensive art and design studies," according to All Art Schools. Although specific programs differ in course offerings, co... Read More »

What is required for a bachelor of fine arts degree?

The bachelor of fine arts is a four-year degree that specializes primarily in both visual and performing arts. Among the majors offered in this program are acting, animation, graphic design, film p... Read More »

Bachelor of Fine Arts Jobs?

A number of colleges and universities offer bachelor's degrees in the fine arts (BFAs). Although many BFA holders will go on to become professional artists, many others will take careers involving ... Read More »

Difference in a Bachelor of Liberal Studies and a Bachelor of Arts?

The liberal arts degree has a history as long as university education itself. When universities were first founded in the Middle Ages in Europe, students and professors alike believed that the goal... Read More »