What is a B2B application?

Answer B2B stands for business to business. Some businesses only provide products or services to other businesses. B2B is frequently used as to describe different types of transactions and services betwee... Read More »

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How can I make a portable application of an application that has already been installed?……

Apple Application Support Was Not Found Apple Application Support Is Required Too Run ITunes?

Well Every Time I Click On ITunes On My Windows Vista Laptop It SaysApple Application Support Was Not FoundApple Application Support Is Required Too Run ITunes.Please Uninstall ITunes Then Install ... Read More »

What is an IRB Application?

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is the medical board that oversees research projects involving human subjects. This board ensures that the medical research is conducted with attention to ethic... Read More »

What is a CRM application?

Customer relationship management (CRM) applications are software programs that organize customer data in a central database. Companies increasingly rely on CRM technology, particularly in customer-... Read More »