What is a 5/1 jumbo ARM?

Answer Many customers need help deciphering the terminology being used by lenders. If you're considering a 5/1 jumbo ARM, there are three parts of this type of loan that must be understood.Time FrameThe t... Read More »

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What is a jumbo CD?

A jumbo CD is a significantly large certificate of deposit. Depending on which institution is paying interest on the deposit, the minimum deposit required to open a jumbo CD may be between $100,000... Read More »

What is a jumbo IRA?

A "jumbo IRA" refers to an IRA account invested in a jumbo certificate of deposit (CD). Jumbo CDs are bank deposits with minimum balances of $100,000. The jumbo IRA receives a fixed rate of return ... Read More »

What do jumbo shrimp eat?

During the early part of a shrimp's life, the larval stage, shrimp eat floating plankton in their natural environment. Commercially farmed shrimp live in ponds where the growth of algae is promoted... Read More »

Which One Is Better, a Jumbo CD or a CD Account?

Most banks use rate-tiers when pricing certificates of deposit and generally they reward customers who deposit large balances with higher returns than they pay on smaller dollar CDs. Jumbo CDs are ... Read More »