What is a 501c corporation?

Answer A 501(c) corporation is one that qualifies for tax-exempt status, according to However, the rules for this type of corporation depends on its classification. Some are allowed to take c... Read More »

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What Is a 501C Company?

A 501c company is a U.S. company that is tax exempt, and is usually a nonprofit corporation. This company is exempt from federal, and in some cases, state taxes.

What is a 501c grant?

A 501(c) grant represents the placement of an organization in the nonprofit category of the Internal Revenue Code, according to There are a range of numbered status categories w... Read More »

What is the difference between a public corporation and a private corporation?

Public and private corporations are common types of business entities used in the United States and Europe. They share many of the same features, benefits and disadvantages, with a few key exceptio... Read More »

What Is the Process to Convert From C Corporation to S Corporation?

Shareholders can choose to change a regular corporation to an S corporation to enjoy special tax benefits. An S corporation is formed by making a subchapter S election under the Internal Revenue Co... Read More »