What is a 421a real estate taxes?

Answer Apparently, 421-a is a tax abatement programme in New York State that is available to developers who develop multi-family housing. You can read more by reading the law, below.

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How much is real estate taxes?

Real estate taxes are charged by states, counties and cities and vary from place to place. The average total real estate tax as of October 2009 is 3.4 percent of the property value. For example, ... Read More »

What States Have Low Real Estate Taxes?

In most states, the property tax rate is set by cities, towns and counties. The tax rate may vary depending on the size of the house, the size of the land and the amenities of the home. For many pe... Read More »

How to Get Exempt on Real Estate Taxes?

Most states have tax exemptions available for all homeowners who live in their home. Separate rules apply to real estate property not used as a principal residence by the homeowner. Homestead exemp... Read More »

Are real estate taxes deductible?

Real estate taxes are deductible. Record the deduction on your Schedule A deduction form, which itemizes your yearly deductions. This deduction is for all state, local and school tax paid based on ... Read More »