What is a 40gb hard drive?

Answer A 40gb hard drive is a storage drive for a computer. Hard drives come in different storage capacities and are measured in terms of gigabytes. Most hard drives today have large storage capacities ... Read More »

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Hey guys please help me to chose a best hard drive! Maxtor 40GB OR Seagate 40GB?

it shoudl not matter check the buffer on the drive 8mb and above and the speed of the driveget the 7200 rpmdont get the 5400rpman ultra ata drive is goodtry to get a higher capacity it shoudl cost ... Read More »

How to Install WD 40GB Hard Drive on Windows XP?

The Western Digital 40GB hard drive is an external drive that many consumers use to back up existing files on their system. One of the best features of the WD 40GB is that is was designed with plug... Read More »

What is the price of Seagate Hard Disk 80GB and 40GB?…

I only got 14 gb hard drive i want to download lots of music. what is the biggest size hard drive?